Darcy and Zach

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Our Story

Her Story:
I first met Zach the summer of 2015. I was taking the train up to Santa Barbara to go to EFY with some of my friends. After having to move cars two times, we finally settled down and started playing cards. Across the row I saw Zach sitting by himself and, having made a goal to talk to more people, decided to invite him to join us. Of course Zach "didn't hear" me when I invited him and feeling embarrassed, I told my friend that it was her turn to ask him. Zach then joined us and we spent the next week at EFY meeting up and hanging out. At the end of that week when we get off the train, I remember pointing out Zach to my Mom and saying, while he helped take out my bags,"He is SO NICE, I would totally go out with him if he asked me..." When we got home, we kept in touch and ran into each other at church dances and he eventually asked me out. We went to homecoming and Sadies together with a handful of dates in between, and had our first kiss on Halloween night of 2015. The following January I broke up with Zach for reasons still unknown, but Zach continued to be my friend. August 2016, Zach invited me to his mission farewell party. I felt that it would be weird to go since Zach and I hadn't talked much, but I decided to go anyway. Being there with him reminded me how much fun I had with Zach and how nice he was. It was 4 weeks before Zach emailed me from the MTC. After that we became dedicated email buddies and I wrote him mostly every week for 2 years. In 2018, having just come home from his mission, we went out a few times before I, again, for reasons still unknown, told him I just wanted to be friends. We both started dating other people, but Zach was still the nicest friend to me. I think it all changed for me when I came out from a long test in the testing center to find Zach waiting for me because he didn't want me to walk home alone in the dark. It was a few days later that I broke up with the guy I was dating and asked Zach out the next time I saw him. After that date, we had a really good talk and I decided that I was ready to go all in with Zach. I have never met anyone as thoughtful, kind, and patient in my life and it took me a long time to realize he was the only one on this planet that was perfect for me. I am so excited to marry HIM!

His Story:
Before the Summer of 2015 I was dating a girl, and felt that the relationship was not something that was helping me grow, and we parted ways. At the time I was also planning what I would do that summer, after 3 or four different schedules of my summer with BYU football camp, EFY, and High Adventure, I finally set what week I would be attending EFY in Santa Barbra. After getting on the train, my sister and I had to move seats 2 or 3 times before the conductor announced that all EFY kids needed to move to the first train car. My sister and I took some of the last seats across from a very cute girl and her friends. Darcy claims I was sitting alone like a looser but I was definitely with my sister. I over heard them talking about playing a game and Darcy's friend Brooke called out and invited me to join their game. That's where our friendship began, and I knew from near the beginning that she made me happier than anyone I had been with before. After a week at EFY I helped her off the train and figured that I might never see her again. However, we kept in touch and started going on dates. Every date that I went on with her I felt more and more that this was someone I wanted to be with. I remember telling my best friend that "out of all the girls I know, this could be the one I think I would marry." Prophetic? Suddenly, however, for reasons still unknown to me she broke up with me. After telling my parent they got mad at me asking me what I did wrong. After that I never quite got over Darcy and tried to reach out for a long time, until I finally saw her at my farewell for my mission to the Philippines. She wrote me a note and I felt like I needed to write her an email during the first few weeks in the MTC. We talked back and forth exchanging experiences my whole mission. I returned home with hopes of dating her again to see if she was still someone whom I wanted to be with. You could say she taught me a lot of patience in the months I tried to get her to go out with me. One day, when I had walked home from school, I felt that I needed to walk her home from the testing center and so I did. After that things grew and she finally agreed to dating me. Although it took some time, from then until now my love for her has only grown. Darcy is the one who I wish to spend eternity with.
Nazia Hyder